Don’t exempt biodegradable bags from tax, BPF recyclers tell MPs

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Giving evidence to the Committee, the Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association (OPA) agreed with the recyclers that there should be no exemption for bio-based biodegradable plastic because it would severely damage the plastics recycling industry. However, the OPA presented solid scientific evidence (which included an evaluation of the EuPC report of November 2013) that oxo-biodegradable plastic could be safely recycled.

The OPA supported the recyclers by proposing that an IDEAL BAG should have 40% recycled content with a pro-degradant masterbatch. Recycled content alone would not be sufficient because the plastic could still lie or float around for decades if it escaped into the environment, as thousands of tons will have done during the recent disastrous floods in the UK and the Philippines.

The OPA proposed that an IDEAL bag should pay a 5p charge and a non-degradable bag a 10p charge.

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