Electric drives with a difference

Nigel Flowers , UK Managing Director of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, explains why their highly dynamic direct drives pack more power and precision. Read more

5 Feb 2021 10:18 Guest Blog

Updating or repairing an injection mould tool can be complex. Broanmain’s Tool Manager Kamil Stec runs through a couple of the basic rules that make these modifications more straightforward and addresses several misconceptions. Read more


Duncan Clark, head of operations at biopolymer researcher Teysha Technologies, explores the sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging. Read more


In this guest article, Luke Worrall, business development manager at NerG, explores the benefits of CHP systems and why businesses should change their approach to installing the systems. Read more


Self-cleaning textiles could improve PPE

Will superhydrophobic textiles be the next big thing in medicine? Ben Smye, Head of Growth at materials database Matmatch, highlights how antimicrobial and hydrophobic materials are pushing medicine forward. Read more

16 Dec 2020 09:19 Guest Blog

The Most Significant Advanced Materials News from 2020

In this guest blog, Dr Richard Collins, Principal Analyst at IDTechEx, discusses The Most Significant Advanced Materials News from 2020. Read more

3 Dec 2020 09:03 Guest Blog

Call for change in cosmetic microplastics

Biopolymer specialist urges cosmetic companies to move to green polymers. Read more

2 Dec 2020 10:20 Guest Blog

No silos allowed in the pursuit of a greener economy

In this guest opinion blog Steve Jenkins VP Consulting – Chemicals, Polymers & Fibres at Wood Mackenzie discusses silos in the pursuit of a greener economy Read more

22 Oct 2020 09:46 Guest Blog

Total, BP lead charge in green strategic shift among global oil majors

In this guest blog, Joseph Chang, Global Editor, ICIS Chemical Business, assess the proposals put forward by BP and Total, focusing on the implications this shift in direction might have not just for petrochemicals but also for the plastics sector. Read more

20 Oct 2020 09:09 Guest Blog


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