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With levels of waste plastics rising in the UK as a result of China's National Sword scrap import policies, the debate is picking up over what to do with them. Landfilling, rather than incineration, might be the better option, writes Keith Freegard. more

26 Feb 2018 09:36 Guest Blog 1 Comments

The annual outlook from BP predicts oil demand will drop after the 2030's, as renewable energy, competes with crude. John Carlon argues the years of cheap oil are only just beginning... more

21 Feb 2018 16:26 John Carlon's Blog

Out of sight, out of mind no more: An open letter to the plastics industry

In the following post, naturalist and author, Sarah Roberts, writes about the importance of education when it comes to stemming the flow of plastics into the natural environment. more

14 Feb 2018 11:35 Guest Blog

Keep calm and make your voice heard

In his exclusive column, Philip Law, Director-General of the British Plastics Federation, starts the year by addressing the issues surrounding the so-called ‘war on plastics’ and what the industry can do to keep its head above the hype. more

9 Feb 2018 11:39 BPF Blog 1 Comments

Axion: Are biodegradable plastics better for the environment?

Richard McKinlay of Axion Consulting sheds light on the use of biodegradable alternatives plastics. more

6 Feb 2018 10:21 Guest Blog 1 Comments

Polyurethane: the bright, green future

Dr Anthea Blackburn, Scientist of Catalyst Development at Econic Technologies, writes on how new technological developments are providing an exciting future for polyurethanes. more

5 Feb 2018 16:20 Guest Blog

BP&R: Most-read headlines of 2017

The past 12 months have meant one thing for the British plastics industry, innovation. Our most-clicked headlines of 2017 are heavily innovation-centric, with eye-catching sustainability and investment news attracting the highest clicks. more

14 Dec 2017 12:28 Guest Blog

Business Groups are the heart of the matter

In this month's column, Philip Law highlights the strides made by its Business Groups, looks at the future of plastics in automotive and points to opportunity in India. more

5 Dec 2017 15:31 BPF Blog

Factors to consider when selecting an inline thickness measurement system

When selecting an in-process system for measuring the thickness of film, plate or sheet materials, a number of important factors need to be considered, including the effect of combined real world errors, says Chris Jones of Micro-Epsilon. more

1 Dec 2017 14:50 Guest Blog

Closing the loop on caps and closures

Tony Gaukroger, Director at Colour Tone Masterbatch, discusses why end-of-life concerns for caps and closures have been put in the ‘spotlight’ as manufacturers adopt the How2Recycle label. more

30 Nov 2017 16:49 Guest Blog

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