World Cup 2018



World Cup Polymer Note

The new polymer note, issued for the World Cup 2018. (Credit:

The Bank of Russia has issued a commemorative polymer bank note to celebrate the country’s hosting of the 2018 World Cup. Read more

World Cup 2018

FIFA Recycling

Since 2015, recycling has been fully incorporated into the operations of the FIFA World Cup (Photo: FIFA)

FIFA says it is commitment to staging a World Cup in 2018 that has a positive impact on people, the economy and the environment Read more

World Cup 2018


The new X18+ boots from adidas will be worn by some of football's leading lights. (Image: adidas)

The latest lightweight football boots unveiled by adidas have been chosen by some of football’s biggest stars for the 2018 World Cup. Read more

World Cup 2018

SIS Pitches

SIS Pitches has provided a plastic-natural hybrid pitch for six of the world cup venues (Image: SIS Pitches)

SIS Pitches, a manufactuerer of sports playing surfaces based in Cumbria, has installed six of the 12 pitches for the 2018 World Cup. Read more

World Cup 2018

Adidas Parley

Pre-match jerseys for some teams were made using waste plastic from the ocean. Photo: Adidas

Ahead of the official start of the World Cup tournament today (June 14), a number of teams have played pre-match games in jerseys made from recycled ocean waste. Read more

World Cup 2018