Academic Research

The University of Southampton has been announced as the latest UK academic partner of a centre of expertise designed to bring together leading research facilities, knowledge and expertise in applied materials chemistry. more

5 May 2017 13:57 Industry News

Investment in new injection moulding machinery at the University of Swansea is opening up new opportunities for research projects with the plastics manufacturing industry. more

12 Jan 2017 11:19 Machinery

A specialist in carbon fibre reinforced composites has been appointed the new Executive Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Surrey. more

28 Jun 2016 10:00 Industry News

One of the world’s most advanced engineering facilities for prototyping, inventions and collaboration on cutting-edge research has been opened at the University of Cambridge. more

10 May 2016 12:38 Industry News

A polymer engineer has been awarded a funding prize to find an answer to the long-standing question of why some materials can act like solids without crystallising. more

15 Jan 2016 11:30 Materials

Polymer Engineering at Bradford University is gearing up for increased activity in 2015, culminating in a week of special events in September. more

14 Apr 2015 09:34 Events

A partnership between the University of Sheffield and a spinout company specialising in biodegradable biopolymers has been awarded a business award for their development of a new material. more

20 Jan 2015 16:00 Industry News

Hives made from plastics are causing a real buzz in the natural world, as researchers in Canada have discovered that at least two of the country’s urban bee species have been constructing nests out of plastic waste. more

17 Feb 2014 11:18 Industry News