American Chemical Society (ACS)

Scientists are looking to improve on :) and :( with some emojis that represent their daily life. more

28 Jun 2017 10:04 Industry News


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World’s largest scientific institute speaks out against President Trump’s intention to leave the United Nation’s Paris Agreement on Climate Change. more

2 Jun 2017 10:59 Industry News

Scientists have developed a method of creating a sugar-derived foam that they say is both recyclable and as efficient as traditional polyurethanes. more

14 Apr 2016 11:00 Materials

New research into electrochromic polymer blends is helping scientists create eyeglasses that turn to sunglasses with the flick of a switch. more

9 Feb 2015 11:48 Industry News

A sponge-like plastic, developed at the University of Liverpool, which soaks up the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), might ease the transition from polluting fossil fuels and toward new energy sources it has been claimed. more

26 Aug 2014 10:28 Materials