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Keith Freegard, Axion’s Associate Consultant discusses A 500ppm limit of flame retardant decaBDEs within recycled compounds and articles that looks set to be agreed by the EU Commission soon. Read more

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The resource recovery specialist believes easy kerbside collections for consumers that focus on consistent quality are essential if the UK is to boost plastics recycling rates and meet current targets. Read more

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PP film is not currently collected in sufficient quantities and recycled, yet studies have shown it can be recovered and used in a wide range of injection moulding and extrusion applications Read more


Shifts away from the traditional recycling business models could lead to more profits and open up market opportunities, says Axion. Read more

Care needed for targets on recycled content in food packaging

Setting minimum targets for recycled content in food packaging may sound like a good idea, but could lead to overall less efficient use of resources if material types and their applications are not carefully considered, says Axion's Richard McKinlay. Read more

18 Sep 2018 15:39 Guest Blog

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Jane Gardner, Head of Axion’s Consulting Services, will be leaving the Manchester-based resource recovery specialists at the end of August 2018 to take up a role in Brussels. Read more

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S Norton & Co Ltd has purchased the entire share capital of Axion Recycling Ltd on the same day as its Marketing Director, Keith Freegard, announced his resignation. Read more

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Richard McKinlay of Axion looks at how Britain's stalling recycling rates can be bettered - and finds flexibles may hold the answer. Read more

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A ‘taxing’ question for single-use plastics recycling

Richard McKinlay, Head of Circular Economy at resource recovery specialist Axion, discusses the options for encourage packaging recycling. Read more

6 Apr 2018 09:55 Guest Blog

The recycling consultancy Axion hosted visitors from across the polymer manufacturing sector to look at plastics sustainability in the British economy. Read more

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With levels of waste plastics rising in the UK as a result of China's National Sword scrap import policies, the debate is picking up over what to do with them. Landfilling, rather than incineration, might be the better option, writes Keith Freegard. Read more

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Axion: Are biodegradable plastics better for the environment?

Richard McKinlay of Axion Consulting sheds light on the use of biodegradable alternatives plastics. Read more

6 Feb 2018 10:21 Guest Blog 1 Comments

Manchester-based plastics recycler, Axion is calling for a UK rise in demand for recycled materials Read more

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Head of the British Plastics Federation Recycling Group Ketih Freegard joined BBC News to shed light on the challenges stemming from China's scrap plastics ban. Read more

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Manchester based recycling experts Axion have set up a life cycle packaging 'Design for Recycling' service, for all stakeholders in the packaging supply chain. Read more

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The British Plastics Federation and Axion started RecoMed to create a circular industry for hospital waste. Read more

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The British Plastics Federation held a seminar series on November 9 to look at the use of plastics in new cars. Read more

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Manchester plastic recyclers Axion have celebrated fifteen years in business. Read more

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Plastics recycler Axion Polymers has declared its attendance at Interplas 2017 a ‘great success’, having collected more than 100 leads, including two firm invitations to quote from potential plastic clients, over the show’s three days. Read more

Interplas 2017

Waste PVC has been recycled to its highest level in the UK after a rise in construction demand for recycled materials. Read more

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