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Axion: Are biodegradable plastics better for the environment?

Richard McKinlay of Axion Consulting sheds light on the use of biodegradable alternatives plastics. more

6 Feb 2018 10:21 Guest Blog 1 Comments

Manchester based recycling experts Axion have set up a life cycle packaging 'Design for Recycling' service, for all stakeholders in the packaging supply chain. more

4 Jan 2018 16:06 Industry News

The British Plastics Federation held a seminar series on November 9 to look at the use of plastics in new cars. more

10 Nov 2017 16:05 Industry News

Manchester plastic recyclers Axion have celebrated fifteen years in business. more

30 Oct 2017 09:25 Industry News

Waste PVC has been recycled to its highest level in the UK after a rise in construction demand for recycled materials. more

5 Sep 2017 09:41 Industry News

Axion Consulting has finished a rebrand of its website and logos, to show its focus as a circular economy specialist. more

3 Aug 2017 09:17 Industry News

Scheme to recover medical waste PVC wins award for BPF and Axion Consulting. more

5 Jul 2017 14:08 Industry News

Axion On the race line - 1 copy.jpg


Axion staff raise over £3,400 in memory of ‘popular and respected colleague’ Simon Wilkinson at Great Manchester Run. more

5 Jun 2017 14:24 Industry News

Axion Consulting has suggested new developments in marker technologies for sorting plastic packaging should not be viewed as ‘the answer’ to increasing recycling. more

19 May 2017 12:14 Industry News

Recycling collection rates ‘cloud’ the need for innovation

Innovation and development in technologies to increase recycling of household plastic packaging is being hampered by how we measure its collection, and a lack of economic drivers to encourage investment, argues Axion's Richard McKinlay. more

13 Feb 2017 15:55 Guest Blog

The results of significant research to enable further developments towards establishing recycling options for flexible plastic packaging were unveiled at the K Show in October 2016. more

3 Nov 2016 09:00 Environment

RecoMed, the PVC medical devices take-back scheme, has won the Sustainability category of the 2016 ‘INOVYN’ Awards for its innovative approach to sustainable healthcare recycling. more

26 Oct 2016 12:41 Environment

The UK contributed 21 percent – or 107,593 tonnes – to the total recycled through Recovinyl, the PVC industry’s recycling scheme, in 2015. more

10 May 2016 09:41 Environment

A take-back scheme for the recycling of non-infectious PVC medical items is now operational in seven hospitals across the UK. more

18 Apr 2016 16:31 Environment

Tighter budgets and the need to increase recycling rates are prompting more local authorities to seek expert help to extract more value from the household waste they collect, according to resource recovery specialist, Axion Consulting. more

17 Mar 2016 11:26 Environment

Innovative research projects using novel and emerging technologies are attracting more talented students to careers in the recycling and resource recovery sectors, according to Axion Consulting. more

24 Nov 2015 13:53 Industry News

A project aimed at improving the recyclability of flexible packaging has been recognised at European sustainability awards. more

14 Aug 2015 09:00 Environment

Axion Consulting says “significant progress” has been made in trialling and developing new flexible packaging designs aimed at improving recyclability. more

13 Jul 2015 15:54 Environment

Advanced techniques for recovering a high-value polymer from fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), has brought closed-loop recycling of these components a step closer, according to Axion Consulting. more

13 Apr 2015 11:47 Environment

A pioneering recycling process to recover high-value materials from waste fuel cells has been developed in a collaborative project. more

14 Jan 2015 13:54 Environment