Barton Fabrications

Bristol based silo builder Barton is celebrating over three decades in materials handling supplies. more

19 Dec 2017 13:33 Industry News

Corrugated sheeting firm Twinplast has received three Barton silos. more

11 Oct 2017 09:26 Industry News

IKO Polymeric welcomes a new Barton Fabrications silo. more

23 Aug 2017 11:02 Industry News

Barton Fabrications has sold another silo to Albis UK as part of the compounder's site expansion strategy. more

5 Jul 2017 14:32 Industry News



Schütz, an IBC maker based in Killala, County Mayo, has received a new 60 ton silo from Barton Fabrications. more

12 Apr 2017 15:13 Industry News

A third polypropylene silo from Barton Fabrication will help a car air-conditioning parts maker enhance plant safety. more

21 Mar 2017 16:50 Industry News

Sanko Gosei Automotive Systems says it has saved “considerable” warehouse space and “significantly reduced” raw material costs by installing two aluminium storage silos for plastic granules. more

22 Jun 2016 09:35 Industry News

In this report written for BP&R, Mark Barton, MD of Barton Fabrications details how growth in the use of PET plastics has led to an increase in noise and structural problems reported in storage silos and how these can be overcome. more

15 Dec 2014 16:17 Machinery

Six new aluminium and stainless steel silos have been installed by Barton Fabrications at a UK-based manufacturer of waterproofing systems for roofing. more

13 Aug 2013 12:24 Industry News