Biome Bioplastics

A UK-based producer of bioplastics says its “world first” range of plant-based materials could hold the key to tackling the high-profile issue of coffee cup waste. more

18 Apr 2017 15:18 Environment

UK-based Biome Bioplastics has begun a major development programme to progress successful bio-based chemicals research through to industrial scale production. more

24 Apr 2015 10:50 Industry News

A research project led by Biome Bioplastics has demonstrated the feasibility of extracting organic chemicals from lignin for the manufacture of bioplastics. more

9 Jun 2014 11:15 Materials

Biome Bioplastics, a UK-based developer of natural plastics, has helped to develop a biodegradable coffee pod that it says offers one of the first sustainable packaging alternatives in the single-serve market. more

7 Nov 2013 12:43 Environment