New figures out today have predicted 20 percent growth for the global bioplastics industry over the next five years. more

29 Nov 2017 14:49 Materials


University of Wolverhampton

Materials researchers at the University of Wolverhampton have published results from a project with partners in Poland and Italy to turn PET into bioplastics. more

8 Sep 2017 15:57 Materials

A UK-based producer of bioplastics says its “world first” range of plant-based materials could hold the key to tackling the high-profile issue of coffee cup waste. more

18 Apr 2017 15:18 Environment

Bottled water corporations Danone and Nestlé have launched ‘NaturALL Bottle Alliance’ with Origen Materials to make bioPET bottles. more

16 Mar 2017 15:46 Materials

Total and Corbion have announced a new Joint Venture agreement that will see them develop bioplastics by joining forces to produce and market polylactic (PLA) polymers. more

28 Dec 2016 14:00 Materials

Specialist waste management and recycling sack supplier, Cromwell Polythene, has won an order for 11.25 million compostable caddy liners from South Lanarkshire Council, Scotland. more

2 Aug 2016 12:10 Environment

A UK bioplastics company is taking its pitch to St. James’ Palace today (7th February), where it will compete to win support from high profile business mentors, partners and support agencies. more

7 Mar 2016 12:07 Industry News

UK bioplastics company, Floreon, has revealed its latest plans for innovation through further collaboration with the University of Bradford. more

24 Dec 2015 09:00 Materials

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is working with ReBio Technologies Ltd and the University of Bath to produce modified strains of microorganisms to produce D-lactic acid for the manufacture of biobased products such as high performance bioplas more

4 Dec 2015 12:31 Industry News

Two companies have been jointly awarded the 2015 Bioplastics Award for their collaboration on the world’s first biobased engineering plastic used in the front panel of a smartphone. more

11 Nov 2015 12:05 Materials

A partnership between the University of Sheffield and a spinout company specialising in biodegradable biopolymers has been awarded a business award for their development of a new material. more

20 Jan 2015 16:00 Industry News

Mazda Motor Corporation has developed a bio-based engineering plastic suitable for exterior automobile parts that will be used in its vehicles from as early as 2015. more

10 Dec 2014 12:47 Materials

A research project led by Biome Bioplastics has demonstrated the feasibility of extracting organic chemicals from lignin for the manufacture of bioplastics. more

9 Jun 2014 11:15 Materials

A team of students from a UK university who developed a process for turning waste into plastic has taken home a clutch of awards at an international competition. more

3 Dec 2013 15:05 Environment

Biome Bioplastics, a UK-based developer of natural plastics, has helped to develop a biodegradable coffee pod that it says offers one of the first sustainable packaging alternatives in the single-serve market. more

7 Nov 2013 12:43 Environment

A renewable chemicals company and a plastic converter have joined forces in a Joint Development Agreement for the development of polyethylene furanoate (PEF) bottles. more

3 Jun 2013 15:29 Environment

The UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, has awarded a grant to a consortium led by Biome Technologies, to investigate a bio-based alternative for the oil derived organic chemicals used in the manufacturer of bioplastics. more

4 Apr 2013 14:33 Materials