Broadway Colours

Ray Simpson has replaced Chris Gramlick as Business Development Manager at Broadway Colours. more

24 May 2017 12:01 Industry News

An additive created by Broadway Colours is helping a 150-year old Birmingham firm put one over the pirates, and protecting pioneering whistle designs used globally. more

20 Mar 2017 16:31 Industry News

Broadway Colours, based in Halesworth, Suffolk, is celebrating 20 years of business in 2017. more

25 Jan 2017 10:39 Industry News

Broadway Colours has invested in an additional twin-screw extrusion line and larger mixing unit for its masterbatch facility in order to produce larger orders more quickly and efficiently. more

13 Jul 2016 16:01 Industry News

Broadway Colours has invested in new equipment as it undergoes further expansion following the success of its range of rotomoulding powders. more

1 Jun 2016 13:54 Industry News

Broadway Colours have announced the appointment of rotomoulding expert, Dr. Nick Henwood to its technical team. more

10 Nov 2015 14:15 Industry News

Broadway Colours is exhibiting at Interplas 2014, with what is to be its "biggest and most comprehensive stand to date". more

31 Jul 2014 10:50 Interplas 2014

UK-based Broadway Colours says 2013 was a “record breaking” year for the company during which it saw substantial growth set to continue into the coming year. more

12 Feb 2014 12:10 Materials