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The pilot project with bottles of Perwoll is part of the ChemCycling project led by BASF Read more


Creating flexible packaging from virgin grade material derived from plastic waste is now taking a step towards reality in a pilot project called ChemCycling. Read more


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David Shepherd Jaguar Land Rover

Working in conjunction with BASF, Jaguar Land Rover is part of the ChemCycling project, which upcycles domestic waste plastic otherwise destined for landfill or incinerators into a new high-quality material Read more

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The raw materials for polyamide and polyethylene were produced in very small quantities as part of the ChemCycling project Read more

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Dr. Andreas Kicherer and Dr. Stefan Gräter talk about the different types of plastic waste and their recycling


BASF for the first time makes products with chemically recycled plastics. Read more

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