Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP)

The mega-manufactuer of soft drinks, Coca Cola, has unveiled plans to collect and recycle a bottle for each it makes. more

22 Jan 2018 15:12 Industry News

Students in Reading will get their cola fix in chipped refill bottles with a trial from Coca-Cola European Partners. more

10 Oct 2017 15:48 Industry News

Coca-Cola European Partners has unveiled a new sustainable packaging strategy for Great Britain, which sees it aim to double the amount of recycled plastic in all of its bottles to 50 percent by 2020. more

12 Jul 2017 09:00 Environment

A newly-designed bottle format that uses less plastic, is lighter weight and encourages consumer recycling through on-pack labelling is being used for one of the UK’s biggest still water brands. more

13 Dec 2016 14:30 Environment