Colour Tone

Colour Tone Masterbatch, based in Caerphilly, has developed a colouring package which means manufacturers can colour their products however they want, while still retaining its detectability when it comes to being sorted after use Read more

Industry News

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The Collective

The Collective and Nextek chose to partner with Colour Tone to develop a new black masterbatch that can be effectively recycled. Read more


Colour Tone has been granted a new patent for the market’s only PVCu polymer specific colouring system, Vynacol. Read more


Colour Tone are urging producers and retailers to look beyond the removal of carbon black pigments to help optimise the detection and sorting of non-clear plastics packaging for recycling. Read more


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Kamara Photography

Colour Tones new near-infrared detectable black masterbatch reduces ‘price barrier.’ Read more