Olympic construction from Evonik uses Plexiglas in naturally lit entrance hall. more

20 Feb 2018 14:53 Industry News

Black plantpots have been notoriously difficult to recycle as NIR scanning is unable to detect carbon black. Aeroplas has developed kerbside recyclable plantpots for the sustainable gardener. more

15 Feb 2018 14:22 Industry News

High-performance insulation material has huge potential for architects and designers. more

14 Feb 2018 11:51 Industry News

VIP has enjoyed increased demand from French builders' merchants for its flexible pipe couplings. more

12 Feb 2018 09:48 Industry News

Pipe couplings for hostile environments are available from Cambridgeshire's VIP Polymers. more

23 Jan 2018 16:11 Industry News

As investigations continue into the Grenfell Tower disaster, the EPDA has assured construction buyers that the variety of flame resistant polymer materials makes plastics the best option for safety. more

27 Nov 2017 15:50 Materials

Construction has commenced on a new factory in Shropshire, for German company Craemer's UK division. more

24 Nov 2017 12:21 Industry News

Tunnelling engineers can use a rubber corner joint, moulded to any fit of segment block with an invention by VIP Polymers. more

3 Nov 2017 14:31 Industry News

Distributor Cornelius will hold a days conference on chemicals for building at the Lancashire County Cricket Club on November 9th. more

30 Oct 2017 12:33 Events


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A campaign to encourage civil sewearage engineers to opt for plastic pipes is backed by the BPF Pipes Group. more

5 Oct 2017 12:28 Industry News

A sewer system in the new town of Sherford, near Plymouth, has taken accredited ecological HDPE piping for its foul water retention. more

25 Sep 2017 10:04 Industry News

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RECOUP backs reintegration of waterproofing firm's HDPE. more

21 Sep 2017 14:43 Industry News

The PVC4Cables conference will take place on October 26 in Lyon, France. more

6 Sep 2017 10:42 Events

Waste PVC has been recycled to its highest level in the UK after a rise in construction demand for recycled materials. more

5 Sep 2017 09:41 Industry News


BPF Pipes

The strong technical guidance heritage of the BPF Pipes group has been built on with the addition of the best more

2 Aug 2017 14:59 Industry News

Dutch dosing systems maker Movacolor has announced it plans to build a new energy-neautral facility in Sneek, in the North of the Netherlands. more

12 Jul 2017 09:26 Industry News

Weholite manholes and pipes copy.jpg

Asset pipes

Clayey soil presented a problem for maintaining level pipework at a build by West Norfolk council and Lovells builders, solved by Weholite HDPE. more

16 Jun 2017 13:56 Materials

Economic sanctions were lifted in January 2016, which may open the door to numerous trade opportunities for Iran’s plastic industry. more

16 May 2017 15:01 Industry News

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Sunderland AFC, Faulkners

Sunderland AFC are adding a community sports facility to the Stadium of Light on Wearside, with a PVC fabric roof over the six storey 'Beacon of Light’ created by J & J Carter. more

29 Mar 2017 11:34 Industry News