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Reports have surfaced from "people familiar with the matter" that chemicals giants DuPont and Dow are in talks to merge – with some saying an announcement is due this week. Read more

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Plastic’s ‘image problem’ goes back a long way

David Gray considers the image of plastic, the battle to overcome 'negativity' and why this is far from a 'new' perception. Read more

29 Aug 2013 08:00 Guest Blog

Does 'the cloud' forecast trouble for plastics processors?

David Gray considers 'Big Data' and whether storing company information in the cloud could spell rainy days or plenty of sunshine for plastics processors. Read more

18 Jul 2013 16:54 Guest Blog

A number of high-profile companies have given a glimpse into their plans for the impending K Fair in Dusseldorf this October, during a pre-event press conference in Mainz, Germany. Read more


The wetter side of plastics

David Gray, Editor of European Plastic Product Manufacturer (EPPM) Magazine, shares a thought about...water. Read more

18 Mar 2013 16:51 Guest Blog 2 Comments