Deposit Return System (DRS)

January’s brew-haha over a charge on takeaway coffee cups has come to naught after the Government responded with a focus on ‘voluntary commitments’ to reduce container waste. more

9 Mar 2018 14:39 Industry News

The British Plastics Federation, the trade body for UK plastics, has heavily criticised the reliability of bottle waste statistics presented to Parliament's Environmental Audit Committee. more

4 Jan 2018 10:08 Environment

Recyclable bottles should be subject to the Deposit Return Scheme widely used in European countries, and entering Scotland next year, says the Environmental Audit Committee at the House of Commons. more

22 Dec 2017 10:11 Industry News

A survey undertaken by Greenpeace to gauge the feelings of national retailers on the implementation of a plastic bottle return scheme (DRS) has been met with a mixed response. more

11 Dec 2017 12:00 Environment

The Packaging Recycling Group Scotland (PRGS) has rejected Scottish Government proposals for a Deposit Return System, saying the proposals “fail on nearly every practical level.” more

18 Jun 2015 12:01 Environment