The bulk material dryers CARD E/S, CARD M, and CARD L/XL, as well as the internal cooling units Blow Moulding Booster and Blow Air Chiller will be presented Read more

K 2019

Now called, ULTRA, the dryer uses energy to dry resin at such a lower rate than a comparable new desiccant dryer that Maguire claims the machine is almost free Read more


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Virgin resin drying system from Maag/Gala leads industry for drying high rate pellet slurries. Read more


After releasing its VBD 300 Vacuum Dryer, Maguire highlights how it can be used in a wider range of moulding and extrusion applications. Read more


Moretto has introduced the latest addition to its series of mini dryers for treating small batches and engineering resins that it says “challenges the status quo” in terms of its technology. Read more


Conair's patent-pending R-PRO dense-phase vacuum-conveying system developed to minimise pellet fracturing, 'angel hair' and equipment wear will make its first appearance in Europe at K 2016. Read more

K 2016

Renmar Ltd., based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, has announced it is now the UK and Ireland distributor for the Marse range of plastics materials handing equipment. Read more


Switzerland-based manufactuerer of gear pumps, pelletizing systems, and filtration systems, Maag, has acquired US-based Gala Industries, Inc. Read more

Industry News

Summit Systems is offering bargain hunters the chance to snap up a festive deal in its annual ‘Christmas Auction’. Read more