Circular Economy: Are there quick wins for plastic processors?

Nigel Flowers outlines the latest energy management trends and technology developments from the Sumitomo (SHI) Demag UK's ranges that can help plastic processors to enhance their environmental footprint. Read more

22 Aug 2018 09:24 Guest Blog

Model of Balance

Philip Law covers a busy month that will see a formidable UK delegation make inroads into the Chinese export market, further consultations for the future of UK recycling systems and the opening of entries for the world’s oldest plastics awards. Read more

25 Apr 2018 14:09 BPF Blog

Austrian machinery manufacturer Wittmann has updated the software for its TEMPRO basics with temperature control packages. Read more


Coral Products focus on efficiency and energy savings with IsoCool. Read more

Industry News

Superdialectrics, the start-up research spin off for polymer capacitors, will support further energy research by Rolls-Royce. Read more


Superdielectrics worked with researchers at the Universities of Surrey and Bristol to improve capacity storage ability with polymers. Read more


Addex. supplier of auto-profile and cooling systems for blown film lines, will showcase its Intensive Cooling technology at NPE2018 May 7-11 at the Orlando County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida. Read more

NPE 2018

Repsol has carried out its first production of high impact copolymers. Read more


A protective waterproof membrane from Trelleborg will protect essential components in a large renewable energy scheme. Read more


Linde, and its subsidiary BOC will be at Interplas with the latest in their gas and oxygen applications for the plastics processing industry. Read more

Interplas 2017

Polyurethanes and polyolefins manufacturer SABIC shows how simple foam products bring significant improvements to energy costs in homes and business. Read more


ExxonMobil has developed a new ‘Energy Saving Guide for Injection Moulding Companies’ it says can help plastics processors save energy and optimise their operations. Read more

Interplas 2017

Aegg will join exhibitors at the Packaging Innovations show in London with details of the million pound renovation of its facilities in Suffolk. Read more

Industry News

Cooling system supplier ICS Cool Energy says manufacturers will make long term savings by getting equipment in line with 2018 energy legislation early. Read more

Industry News

Sumitomo SHI Demag launch improved power spec on IntElect at race day in Corby. Read more


Risk of ambient temperature spikes may be going unheeded, says ICS Cool Energy – its provided a temperature management guide. Read more

Industry News

Trelleborg is showing its Uraduct material for protecting offshore windfarm cables at the Offshire Wind Energy show in London. Read more


Covestro’s resin is designed to address the needs of Chinese wind energy. Read more

Industry News


via Shutterstock

World’s largest scientific institute speaks out against President Trump’s intention to leave the United Nation’s Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Read more

Industry News

Conair group has improved energy effieicieny on its series of portable chillers with integrated variable speed compression. Variable speed helps save energy by adjusting its throughput for changes in load. Read more


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