Excelsior Hotel Gallia, Milan

An event for the European Plastics Converting Industry will take place in Milan on the 24th-25th May 2018. more

16 Feb 2018 11:06 Industry News

After a year and half of negotiations since the UK Brexit referendum, the British Plastics Federation and European Plastics Converters Association have updated their position paper for the new year. more

19 Dec 2017 10:18 Industry News


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Horizon 2020 funding has been granted to a European project to depolymerise bottles. more

31 Oct 2017 16:28 Materials

The new PVC4Cables group held its debut industry conference in Lyon, Rhône, France. more

27 Oct 2017 14:59 Industry News



The European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC) and the Spanish Plastics Association agreed to launch new European industry platforms at its AGM. more

6 Jun 2017 16:25 Industry News

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PCEP advocates innovation with enhanced collection and sorting systems as key for closing the loop. more

9 May 2017 16:25 Industry News

Polymer suppliers are reaching their limit of titanium dioxide, causing output restriction down supply chain. more

12 Apr 2017 15:55 Industry News

European Plastics Converters (EuPC), the Brussels-based trade association, has announced the creation of a new, independent group to represent the interests of European suppliers of plastics sheets, films and foils. more

16 Mar 2017 10:12 Industry News

European Plastics Converters have encouraged EU plans to reduce plastics waste and boost recycling outlined in ‘Roadmap on the Strategy for Plastics’. more

7 Feb 2017 11:29 Industry News

Polystyrene fill

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IK and the EuPC have affirmed their support for the aims of the new report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, whilst raising concern over the suggested abandonment of polystyrene and gaps in global implementation. more

30 Jan 2017 16:11 Industry News

Three of Europe’s plastics trade associations and representative bodies have united to outline their recommendations for the Circular Economy Package in order to enhance sustainability within the plastics industry. more

27 Sep 2016 12:11 Environment

Trade association, EuPC, has offered further information on the strategy of its newly formed ‘Alliance for Polymers for Europe’. more

1 Jul 2015 14:33 Materials

The EU-level trade association, EuPC, has launched a strategic alliance to safeguard Europe’s plastic converters from materials shortgaes and rocketing prices. more

27 May 2015 11:42 Industry News

The decision on April 28 by the European Parliament to introduce legislation to reduce the use of lightweight carrier bags in EU countries has divided opinion amongst plastics trade associations. more

30 Apr 2015 14:52 Industry News

The Brussels-based European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC) has said that the recent series of force majeure declarations by some of the leading polymer suppliers to the European market could have “very damaging effects”. more

10 Apr 2015 15:51 Industry News

European Member states have voted in favour of revised legislation to to reduce consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags to more “responsible levels”. more

24 Nov 2014 16:56 Industry News

EuPC has called for a ban on oxo-fragmentable plastics in Europe and a separate collection of degradable plastics in order to ensure “resource efficiency” in Europe’s recycling streams. more

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