European Plastics Industry

Italy and Germany have highest compounding production levels by European nations, though Poland and Hungary are making strong gains in plastics contribution. more

11 Jan 2018 09:53 Industry News

After a year and half of negotiations since the UK Brexit referendum, the British Plastics Federation and European Plastics Converters Association have updated their position paper for the new year. more

19 Dec 2017 10:18 Industry News

The recent decision by the Chinese authorities to ban scrap plastic has forced European firms 'back to reality, warns Plastic Recyclers Europe. more

25 Sep 2017 15:46 Materials

Tests run by Plastic Recyclers Europe, based in Brussels, has found that Southern European waste streams have a proliferation of degradable plastic. more

18 Sep 2017 10:47 Materials 1 Comments



The European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC) and the Spanish Plastics Association agreed to launch new European industry platforms at its AGM. more

6 Jun 2017 16:25 Industry News

A representative body for plasticisers has moved from ECPI to European Plasticisers. more

25 Apr 2017 16:49 Industry News

The European plastics market is expected to experience continual growth over the next eight years, according to a recent report. more

17 Aug 2015 15:44 Industry News

Demand for polymer across Europe is slowly returning to growth after years of fairly flat market conditions, however, markets are potentially being harmed by the shortages of raw material, says a new report. more

28 Jul 2015 10:14 Industry News

The EU-level trade association, EuPC, has launched a strategic alliance to safeguard Europe’s plastic converters from materials shortgaes and rocketing prices. more

27 May 2015 11:42 Industry News