Force Majeure

BASF has lifted the force majeure status that was declared on a range of its products last October, with immediate effect. more

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SABIC has declared force majeure in North Americal for the production of polycarbonate, exacerbating an already tense supply situation. more



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Chemicals specialist Covestro has lifted its declaration of ‘force majeure’ for polymeric MDI, amidst a factory turnaround. more


Covestro has lifted the force majeure on the polyurethane raw materials MDI and TDI in Europe that it declared on October 6, 2016. more


As a result of the fire incident earlier this month, BASF has declared Force Majeure for the supply of dispersions, dispersion powders and hotmelts on acrylic monomer products from its sites in Ludwigshafen and Tarragona until further notice. more


As we race faster towards K Show, the plastics and rubber industry’s biggest trade fair & exhibition taking place in October, experts from Messe Dusseldorf comment on how they view the conditions in the European plastics industry ahead of the event. more

K 2016

Following the materials shortages that seriously affected Europe’s polymer industry in 2015, the alliance that was established to monitor the situation has issued a warning that EU tariff suspension/quota laws are failing EU plastics converters. more


The Vice President of Dow's Packaging and Speciality Plastics division for Europe has met with the President of German Plastics Packaging Association, IK, following the high number of force majeure notifications last year. more


The European Compounders and Masterbatchers Association (EuMBC) has questioned the legality of the recent high number of Force Majeure declarations in the plastics industry, stating it has not seen “convincing evidence” to justify them. more

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