Zero gravity graphene

Graphene Flagship

In a series of experiments conducted last month (January 2018), Cambridge researchers experienced weightlessness testing graphene’s application in space. more

14 Feb 2018 16:21 Industry News

Henry Royce


University research centres will benefit from a funding package announced by the Government, with £126 million for advanced materials development. more

23 Feb 2017 12:17 Industry News

A formal collaboration between Cambridge’s Graphene Centre, and the University spin-out company, Plastic Logic, has been announced. more

23 Sep 2013 11:11 Materials

A centre for research on graphene is to be created at the University of Cambridge in order to engineer real life applications for the material, which has the potential to revolutionise numerous industries, ranging from healthcare to electronics. more

28 Feb 2013 16:32 Materials