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RJG Technologies was recognised as the best injection moulding consultancy in Britain at the GHP Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Awards. more

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RJG Technologies has featured in the 2017 Parliamentary Review for its focus on manufacturing technologies. more

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RJG Technologies, based in Peterborough, has achieved two new certifications, from the Internationals Standards Organisation, and PAA for quality control and training respectively. more

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‘CoPilot’, a template monitoring software system, will be released by RJG on July 17th, aimed at moulding engineers of all experience levels. more

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RJG, an injection moulding specialist based in Michigan, USA, is to offer customers more affordable options for injection moulded part design simulation. more

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A joint research project between French moulding engineers RocTool and RJG has proved its moulding technology can provide higher flow and reduce cavity pressure. more


Skills and Training – what does the future hold?

In the fourth instalment of our new series focusing on skills and training, Richard Brown of RJG Technologies discusses important areas that need consideration and action in order to secure the skills needed for the successful future of the industry. more

11 Nov 2016 13:52 Guest Blog

Following the acquisition of G&A Moulding Technology Ltd in March 2015 and a successful trading period, RJG is restructuring its operations in UK and Ireland. more

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