The forum in Madrid will focus on Meeting Societal Needs with vinyl. more

16 Jan 2018 12:21 Industry News

3M got 'on the buses' to provide a flouroplastic roofing material for Transport for London’s 2014 renovation of Tottenham Hale. more

22 Mar 2017 13:42 Materials

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A modular bridge has been built over a stretch of railway by a Site of Special Scientific Interest in Oxford, using reinforced plastic to create a lightweight footbridge. more

20 Mar 2017 10:40 Industry News

Innovate UK has announced that it is launching a special award for female entrepreneurs more

6 Jun 2016 16:30 Industry News

An innovative new modular building system that could be used to provide low-cost housing in the UK and beyond is using expanded polystyrene (now known across Europe as airpop) at the core of its design. more

6 Nov 2015 09:30 Materials

A builder in the Netherlands has developed a road structure made of 100 percent recycled plastic that it says has “huge potential” for road construction. more

13 Jul 2015 12:02 Environment