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The event, ‘What can your business do to reduce plastic waste? – challenges and solutions’ takes place on Wednesday 18th September, at the National Graphene Institute Read more


The ideas range from biodegradable water bottles and packaging made from seaweed, right though to a way of reducing the plastic microfibre waste that comes from the clothes we wear, by developing clothes that grow with children Read more


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The aim of this new 30-month R&D project known as Odour Control, is to employ unique process technologies to deliver high value second life applications for odour contaminated plastics Read more

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The successful projects include research into tracking waste through electronic chips and sensors, the use of blockchain, looking at common reporting platforms, and new data analytics Read more

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Interface Polymers

The grant will help to enable high value recycling of multi-layer mixed plastic flexible packaging. Read more

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Interface Polymers

A start-up programme for university researchers and supported by Innovate UK is poised to transform a wide range of plastic products with its technology. Read more

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Set up in March 2018 with capital from the broadcaster, Sky Ocean Ventures will be limited to financing companies tackling ocean plastic. Read more

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The new report details the best way forward for disposal/recycling of waste fibre-reinforced polymer material (FRP) in terms of cost and environmental impact, in the UK. Read more

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The Head of Materials at the Knowledge Transfer Network has highlighted the importance of advanced materials to the health of the UK’s economic growth. Read more


Polymer foaming kit, 'Streamoulding', will be on show from the R&D Factory at Innovate 2017. Read more

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Innovate UK has announced that it is launching a special award for female entrepreneurs Read more

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