Innovia Group

The second plastic banknote made by the Bank of England - a ten pound note featuring Jane Austen - has now entered circulation in England and Wales more

14 Sep 2017 09:45 Industry News

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Innovia will make a new series of BOPP food packaging film at its plant in Wigton, Cumbria. more

31 May 2017 09:42 Materials

Bank of England considers coconut and palm oil for £20 note more

31 Mar 2017 10:29 Industry News

Innovia Films has launched a new, high clarity in-mould film it says is designed to capitalise on the trend for transparent packaging. more

15 Mar 2017 14:26 Materials

Britain’s new polymer five and ten pound notes will retain tallow traces, but Bank of England ‘seeking alternatives’ for future print runs. more

16 Feb 2017 15:11 Industry News

Canada-based converter, CCL Industries Inc. has announced it is to acquire the Innovia Group for €810 million (approx. £679.5m GBP) from managing shareholder, the Smithfield Group. more

20 Dec 2016 09:40 Industry News