Manufactured in Germany, BIOVYN is made using a bio-attributed ethylene, a renewable feedstock derived from biomass that does not compete with the food chain Read more


The winners of the 2019 Inovyn Awards have been praised for showing what is possible with PVC during award ceremony in Düsseldorf. Read more

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RecoMed, the PVC medical devices take-back scheme, has won the Sustainability category of the 2016 ‘INOVYN’ Awards for its innovative approach to sustainable healthcare recycling. Read more


Several innovators in the vinyls industry have been recognised for their forward-thinking achievements and products that are helping to drive the industry forward in a number of key areas. Read more


Solvay and INEOS have announced the start up of their Joint Venture company, INOVYN, following approval from the European Commission. Read more


Solvay and INEOS have received final approval from the European Commission to form their 50/50 chlorvinyls Joint Venture, to be known as INOVYN. Read more