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With levels of waste plastics rising in the UK as a result of China's National Sword scrap import policies, the debate is picking up over what to do with them. Landfilling, rather than incineration, might be the better option, writes Keith Freegard. Read more

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Is landfilling the real baddie when it comes to our waste plastics?

Keith Freegard, Director of Axion Polymers shares his thoughts on whether landfilling, rather than burning waste plastics, might be better for the environment as global temperatures continue to rise. Read more

12 Dec 2016 12:06 Guest Blog


Freegard says monetary incentives to use better pack designs for recycling are needed for change to happen

Keith Freegard has outlined the need for a fiscal or monetary system as an incentive for designers to use easy-to-recycle packaging. Read more

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Head of the British Plastics Federation Recycling Group Ketih Freegard joined BBC News to shed light on the challenges stemming from China's scrap plastics ban. Read more

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UK-based producers of plastic goods would benefit from operating in a more secure and lower-risk raw material supply chain if they switched to locally-based suppliers, thereby lessening the potential of impact of Brexit, claims a plastics recycler. Read more