Materials Science

Munich based Matmatch has launched its database of 90,000 materials for compounders and researchers to compare properties for different uses. more

27 Feb 2018 09:19 Materials

New advances in science that enable shapeshifting polymers are being held as a “scientific breakthrough”, with the potential to lead to a new generation of materials for innovations in medical, electronics and other fields. more

15 Jan 2016 09:50 Materials

A Materials Chemistry Special Interest Group (SIG) has been funded by the Technology Strategy Board, with the aim of enhancing UK capability to develop and commercialise novel materials to meet future industry needs. more

5 Jun 2013 15:40 Materials

A summer school for students or those interested in product innovation is still advertising places, with a bursary offered to those who apply before Sunday (June 2). more

30 May 2013 09:34 Industry News

The Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) was showcased at a House of Lords reception on the evening of Wednesday, 28th November, bringing together 150 representatives of industry, Universities and government. more

26 Feb 2013 14:52 Materials