Solvay has unveiled a new polymer suitable for implantable devices as part of its specialities portfolio. more

29 Nov 2017 16:41 Materials

Robots and drugs are the future, according to the new plan from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. more

27 Nov 2017 14:01 Industry News

White Horse Plastics has successfully produced its first batches of syringe luer tapers on its moulding machinery from Wittmann Battenfeld. more

24 Nov 2017 15:15 Machinery

The British Plastics Federation and Axion started RecoMed to create a circular industry for hospital waste. more

20 Nov 2017 12:31 Industry News

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Medical moulder Trend Technologies has won an award at the Plastics Industry Awards. more

14 Nov 2017 11:52 Industry News

Trend Technologies, based in Co Westmeath, is enjoying an Arburg Allrounder IMM with bespoke tuning for its high volumes in medical devices. more

13 Sep 2017 15:47 Machinery

Materials distributor, Ultrapolymers, will show the newest addition to Lyondellbasell’s ‘Purell’ range of healthcare products ideally suited for medical flexible tubing. more

12 Sep 2017 11:19 Interplas 2017

Teknor Apex has set out its high-flow Medalist MD-23100 series of TPV elastomers, which range from very soft to semi-hard, do not need pre-drying, and have a light natural hue for ease of colouring. more

26 Jul 2017 10:10 Materials

SteriTouch, based in South Wales, has launched a hygienic keyboard for the healthcare, dental and call centre markets, which it will exhibit at Interplas in September. more

18 Jul 2017 09:49 Interplas 2017

An Irish moulding company is capitalising on the sustained growth of the plastic medical device market by investing in new machinery. more

10 Jul 2017 13:51 Machinery

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Solvay’s Udel PSU is part of a respiratory machine for babies that gives it a sterilisable humidifier housing. more

1 Jun 2017 09:58 Machinery



The Society of Plastics Engineers held an awards ceremony in Anaheim, California, to recognise plastics innovation. more

15 May 2017 11:10 Industry News

DuPont products dealer Dichtomatik launches new perflouroelastomer for sealing pharmaceutical and medical devices. more

4 May 2017 12:25 Materials

Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Edgbaston, Birmingham, is pioneering the use of 3D printing with Stratasys, for maxillofacial surgery. more

28 Apr 2017 13:59 Industry News

UK plastics raw materials distributor, Plastribution, has expanded its portfolio with the addition of new grades from the Tosoh Corporation, the parent company of the Japanese chemical and specialty products and materials group. more

19 Apr 2017 09:26 Materials

Solvay has release a product to help dentist use polymer manufacturing for partial denture frames. more

22 Mar 2017 16:32 Materials

A UK-based company specialising in decontamination and infection control solutions has developed a new workstation said to push the limits when it comes to rotomoulding design. more

22 Mar 2017 15:30 Industry News

The results of a joint study on the environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) of SABIC’s thermoplastic materials used for medical device enclosures have been published, and will reportedly provide manufacturers with “new options”. more

21 Mar 2017 11:01 Materials

Solvay, a leading polymeric materials corporation, has launched a product line for the dental sector. more

21 Mar 2017 09:59 Materials

Makrolon 2458, a grade of polycarbonate by Covestro, has improved safety and durability in oxygenators made by a Chinese medical manufacturer. more

1 Mar 2017 12:08 Materials