Metal Replacement

Heart attacks caused by minuscule flaws in polymer artery stents will be reduced after a materials advance from scientists in the US. Read more


In the following article, experts from Albis explain how switching to plastics compounds for lighting applications can bring several benefits through reduced weight, design freedom and economic advantages. Read more


LANXESS Caprolactam Produktion Antwerpen - Kallo

Thorsten Martin

After fifty years of production in Antwerp, Belgium, and recent commercial success for its caprolactam brands, LanXess invited me to a media day as an introduction to high-performance plastics... Read more

John Carlon's Blog

One51 has announced an increase in revenue of nearly a fifth over 2016, as it centres trading on plastics and purges its metals services. Read more

Industry News

The EPDA says the use of aviation grade plastics will play an “increasingly important role” in the future of aircraft design owing to their ability to both improve fuel efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of passenger flights. Read more


A polyamide from BASF has been used to produce the world’s first plastic transmission crossbeam for use in a rear axle subframe in Mercedes-Benz’ S-Class vehicles. Read more


Problems with overheating mobile phones could be reduced significantly thanks to a plastic being developed by Loughborough University scientists. Read more