PET bottles

PTI studied two litre and 20 ounce preforms that were more than a year old, with the preforms being dried under vacuum to get them back into a position similar to when they were first moulded Read more


Wood Mackenzie Chemicals’ baseline forecast shows a slow but steady growth rate in both the U.S. recycling rate and the number of RPET bottles collected. Read more

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Agr International has established the Agr Process Performance and Optimisation Group to provide manufacturers with a go-to resource to help overcome some of the everyday challenges in producing their own bottles Read more

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This added functionality delivers greater distribution control on bottles with very thin sidewalls or at specific locations on other types of bottles where precise material management is critical to meet performance and quality requirements Read more




Ultra-fine microperforation sets new standards in melt filtration. Read more


The ODR Working Group has been working on increased recyclability of sleeved PET bottles as the use of sleeves can cause problems in sorting PET bottles via near-infrared and optical detectors used in waste plastic packaging sorting and recovery plan Read more




Sustainable luxury footwear company launches vegan sneakers made from hay and recycled plastic bottles. Read more



Lorien Engineering Solutions

Lorien Engineering Solutions installs new production lines at Britvic’s Leeds and Rugby manufacturing sites. Read more


Bell packaging has announced almost all its customers have switched to Retran, a recycled form of clear packaging. Read more



José Andre outlined how SteadyEDGE can help brands differentiate

At this year’s Blow Moulding Conference held in Cologne, Germany, Sidel gave insights into increased PET packaging shape opportunities and how to achieve them. Read more

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Results show more collected material is needed to pave the way to increased recycling rates. Read more

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1. Five of Seven LPD Dryers at R&D Leverage.jpg

Tim Lloyd

R&D / Leverage has switched from desiccant dryers to vacuum dryers from Maguire. Read more


W. Amsler will use its single-cavity PET stretch blow moulder to produce bottles for NPE2018’s bottle zone beer garden. Read more

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