Belgian polymers specialist Solvay has unveiled a pipe protection material at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, USA. more

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The Swedish pipe specialist Trelleborg has introduced a mechanical seal and a liner end seal for high-pressure water pipes. more

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Hull pipe firm Plasticon has gone under after incurring losses since 2016. more

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Pipe firm Asset has proved support to staff with the successful graduation of its engineer from the Professional Engineering course at Cardiff University. more

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Pipe couplings for hostile environments are available from Cambridgeshire's VIP Polymers. more

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Scottish Water asked Asset International to provide pipes for water storage in Rutherglen, and Weholite HDPE was up to the job. more



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Pipes conferences from China to South Africa have attracted a strong showing of stakeholders in pipes. more

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A campaign to encourage civil sewearage engineers to opt for plastic pipes is backed by the BPF Pipes Group. more

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A sewer system in the new town of Sherford, near Plymouth, has taken accredited ecological HDPE piping for its foul water retention. more

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The strong technical guidance heritage of the BPF Pipes group has been built on with the addition of the best more

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  • Underground tunnel for the subway

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    Underground tunnel for the subway

    Underground tunnel for the subway leading deep down