Polycarbonate (PC)

German plastics specialist Covestro has released a new polycarbonate for medical applications, Makrolon Rx3440. more

8 Feb 2018 11:58 Materials

Italian recycling specialist Amut has installed a washing line at CarbonLITE's recycling plant in Texas. more

11 Jan 2018 14:37 Machinery

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SABIC introduces Lexan CXT resins with advanced high-clarity, high-heat polycarbonate copolymers. more

9 Jan 2018 16:52 Materials

Polycarbonate researchers have produced a more eco-friendly polymer, replacing BPA with a lemon-derivative that maintains conventional thermal properties. more

21 Jul 2017 10:18 Materials

ELIX Polymers joined Spanish moulding specialist Maier to create an improved, resistant A-Pllar for Mercedes-Benz. more

23 Jun 2017 14:51 Industry News

SABIC has declared force majeure in North Americal for the production of polycarbonate, exacerbating an already tense supply situation. more

21 Jun 2017 11:33 Materials



Despite stricter car material standards coming into force in Japan this month, Teijin has introduced its polycarbonate resin to an electric sports car for the first time. more

19 Jun 2017 10:04 Materials

Covestro’s polycarbonate production capacity will increase, starting in 2019. more

16 May 2017 14:09 Industry News

A record-breaking polycarbonate window is reducing weight and enabling design in a new range of vehicles from one of China’s leading automotive manufacturers. more

20 Jan 2017 12:07 Materials

Polycarbonate glasses are being deployed across Humberside this Christmas as a safer alternative to glass. more

22 Dec 2016 14:00 Materials

A prototype building covered by a “breathing skin” that allows it to use the outside air temperature to adjust the indoor climate has won an industry award. more

9 Dec 2016 10:35 Materials

Covestro’s CEO Patrick Thomas marked the company’s appearance at K 2016 by highlighting how the company has turned ideas deemed impossible at previous editions of the fair into real applications. more

18 Oct 2016 18:36 K 2016

Car manufacturer, Toyota, has marked an industry first with the first production vehicle to feature a rear quarter window in polycarbonate (PC) material with a plasma-coat solution designed to deliver the highest level of durability performance. more

18 Jul 2016 09:57 Materials

An art installation at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) showcasing extraordinary feats of engineering features a central element produced using polycarbonate sheets from Covestro. more

15 Jul 2016 11:18 Materials

Bayer MaterialScience has announced it will appear at its first major international tradeshow under its new brand identity, ‘Covestro’, at Fakuma in October 2015. more

28 Jul 2015 10:51 Materials

AP Metalising has announced plans to raise awareness of vacuum metalising, a decorative finish utilised by only a few plastic injection-moulders. more

22 May 2015 00:00 Machinery

A heat-absorbing panorama roof made of shatterproof polycarbonate has been added to the latest edition of Smart’s ‘fortwo’ vehicle to form an extended windscreen. more

15 Jan 2015 17:01 Materials

Polycarbonate (PC) glazing solutions and coating technologies from SABIC have been highlighted during the launch of the new, street-legal production model of one of carmaker, Fiat’s, super-fast racing cars. more

9 Dec 2014 17:06 Materials

Taking residence on the East Piazza at Covent Garden in London is a new and unique artwork that sees a section of the building magically levitate – with one of the key structural elements of the illusion provided by Brett Martin Plastic Sheets. more

11 Nov 2014 11:22 Industry News

Bayer MaterialScience has teamed up with a travel goods manufacturer to develop a special plastic for suitacases that is said to be particularly lightweight, secure and scratch resistant. more

29 Jul 2014 14:53 Materials