Polymer Price Changes

Are increasing polymer prices more sustainable than the feedstock prices that typically have initiated price inflation?

In this edition of our latest feature looking at the key issues that influence polymer prices, Mike Boswell looks at sustainability of pricing as we head further into 2017. more

20 Apr 2017 10:56 Guest Blog

The Packaging and Films Association (PAFA), has issued an industry-wide warning that the prices of raw materials could see a “significant increase” and “extremely tight supply” in as little as two months. more

13 Apr 2015 12:41 Industry News

The Brussels-based European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC) has said that the recent series of force majeure declarations by some of the leading polymer suppliers to the European market could have “very damaging effects”. more

10 Apr 2015 15:51 Industry News

As 2013 gets underway, Plastribution’s Mike Boswell takes a look at the UK polymer market and aims to provide an assessment of what has happened over the past year and what may happen in the year ahead. more

17 Mar 2013 16:45 Materials 1 Comments