County Durham 3D printing specialist Paragon has joined forces with Carbon of the USA to introduce its DLS to prototypers. more

2 Feb 2018 14:15 Industry News

Rapid prototyping with CNC machining and injection moulding

Rapid prototyping is often regarded as being synonymous with additive manufacturing technologies. But a compelling case can also be made for CNC machining and injection moulding as rapid prototyping technologies as well, argues Stephen Dyson. more

29 Nov 2017 16:55 Guest Blog

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Machinery and facilities at Proto Labs Shropshire and German sites will be overhauled after the prototyping firm announced a multimillion inward investment. more

21 Jul 2017 14:20 Industry News

SI Protech, a plastic prototypes design firm based in Littlehampton, Sussex, has pledged to enhance its robotics and trainee staff with £500,000. more

20 Mar 2017 16:25 Industry News

ARRK has expanded its UK manufacturing operation with the opening of a new, dedicated building for rapid CNC machining in Gloucester. more

26 Nov 2015 15:45 Industry News

Plastic prototypes, electrodes and injection mould inserts are machined faster at UK manufacturer, BNL, using quick-acting CNC vices. more

12 Nov 2015 12:08 Machinery

Watch on demand the first of our webinar series from Stratasys, where industry experts discuss the transformational benefits of 3D printing solutions for injection molding, jigs and fixtures, End of Arm Tools and productions parts. more

23 Sep 2015 11:10 Webinars

Proto Labs’ rapid injection moulding services have helped an award-winning idea for a special spoon that helps people with shaky hands eat without spilling food take a fast route to market. more

20 Jul 2015 10:32 Industry News

The Italian division of international consumer goods giant, Unilever, says it has cut lead times for prototype parts by 40 percent since introducing 3D printing technology into its manufacturing process. more

27 Jan 2015 15:19 Machinery

Stratasys Ltd., a manufacturer of 3D printers and materials for personal use, prototyping, and production, has launched what is says is the "first and only" multi-material colour 3D printer. more

4 Feb 2014 12:34 Machinery