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Meeting the needs of a changing world

RAPRA’s Wendi Beamson discusses the changing needs of the manufacturing industry, looking specifically at the areas of enabling technologies, such as hydraulics and pneumatics. Read more

29 Oct 2015 12:01 Guest Blog

Why you need to be aware of Cyber security

After a spate of cyber security attacks, namely computer hackers exploiting systems to access a company’s data, the Government is urging us to put systems into place to protect our valuable information. Here, RAPRA’s Wendi Beamson explains more. Read more

9 Oct 2015 13:59 Guest Blog

Non-profit membership association, RAPRA, has announced Shrewsbury-based DKL Rubber as its latest member. Read more

Industry News

RAPRA has launched a new website aimed at assisting companies with technical enquiries. Read more

Industry News

A breakfast event designed for companies of all sizes engaged in developing the products of tomorrow is being held in Telford this week. Read more


How to get ‘more profit from plastics’ will be revealed at Interplas 2014, via a comprehensive line-up of speakers in the ‘RAPRA’ conference session, announced today. Read more

Interplas 2014

RAPRA has signed an agreement with Rubber Consultants, a division of UK-based Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC), which it says will strengthen its network of research and development support to the plastic and rubber industries. Read more


Shropshire-based materials testing laboratory, Gammadot Rheology, has announced it has agreed to work with not-for-profit research organisation, RAPRA Limited, as a ‘preferred service provider’. Read more

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Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) allow eligible energy-intensive businesses to receive up to a 65 percent discount from the Climate Change Levy (CCL) in return for meeting energy efficiency or carbon-saving targets. Read more

Industry News

RAPRA, the University of Warwick and the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network have announced that a funding workshop has been arranged for commercial and academic organisations looking at innovative uses of polymers in products and applications. Read more