Black plantpots have been notoriously difficult to recycle as NIR scanning is unable to detect carbon black. Aeroplas has developed kerbside recyclable plantpots for the sustainable gardener. more

15 Feb 2018 14:22 Industry News

The first RECOUP members meeting in 2018 brought stakeholders together to discuss the “unprecedented agenda for change” for plastics recycling and resource efficiency. more

9 Feb 2018 11:26 Environment

The findings of a survey looking at the UK’s use of ‘On the Go’ recycling has highlighted that the systems in place are failing. more

15 Dec 2017 10:03 Environment

For the UK to make a significant increase to the amount of plastics packaging that is recycled there must be real investment in kerbside recycling systems and communications, says RECOUP. more

1 Dec 2017 00:00 Environment

A survey of consumers in the UK, Germany and Poland has found a lack of awareness amongst young people in the 18-24 age group. more

29 Nov 2017 12:26 Environment

Commitment from corporate brands to use recycled materials, an upswing in quality and investment in infrastructure are key factors needed for the successful future of the UK’s recycling industry. more

29 Nov 2017 11:32 Environment

Stuart Foster, the CEO of RECOUP, has struck out at the intransigence of public and private stakeholders in recycling to supporting Pledge 4 Plastics. more

15 Nov 2017 10:33 Industry News

Recycling challenges can make packaging projects difficult - RECOUP has released case studies on materials use for sustainability. more

10 Nov 2017 14:19 Industry News

UK councils have collected a trageted half a million tonnes of plastic, says Recoup. more

12 Oct 2017 12:26 Industry News

A cross-industry group is looking to turn black green by improving recyclability in packaging. more

2 Oct 2017 09:39 Industry News

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RECOUP backs reintegration of waterproofing firm's HDPE. more

21 Sep 2017 14:43 Industry News

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RECOUP and Nestlé used bottles brought to Buxton’s spring fair to transform into benches for a park in the Derbyshire peak town. more

9 Aug 2017 09:59 Industry News

RECOUP, the British Plastics Federation and VEKA Recycling hosted the South Korea Plastic Production and Recycling Federation on a tour of Britain’s recycling facilities. more

25 Jul 2017 11:55 Industry News



The European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations (EPRO) is reflecting on successes and challenges after it reached its 20-year anniversary. more

11 Jul 2017 16:58 Industry News

The RECOUP Plastics Recycling Conference will be held at the Kingsgate Conference Centre in Peterborough on 28th September. more

30 May 2017 14:28 Events

As part of an initiative to educate consumers about the importance of recycling and the transition towards a circular economy, global food company, Danone, has handed out unique recycled plastic medals at a school sporting tournament. more

19 Apr 2017 11:38 Environment 1 Comments



A forum set up by the BPF and PlasticsEurope has approved the details of the latest ‘Recyclability by Design’ report by RECOUP. more

2 Feb 2017 15:43 Industry News

Public confusion about plastic recycling is partly to blame for last year’s fall in recycling rates, shows survey by RECOUP. more

19 Jan 2017 15:59 Industry News

A UK product manufactured from 100 percent recycled plastic has made the finals of a prestigious European competition. more

5 Jan 2017 16:38 Environment

As part of its latest initiative to increase plastics recycling, RECOUP recently challenged students at Exeter University to take part in a Guinness World Record attempt involving plastic bottles. more

22 Nov 2016 09:37 Environment