The amount of plastic bottles collected for recycling from UK households has risen by the biggest annual total in three years, says RECOUP, but amounts collected, quality and consumer confusion are still huge challenges to tackle. more



ALBIS Plastic

ALBIS will present product highlights focusing on recycling, health care, and lighting at Fakuma 2018. more

Fakuma 2018

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The Collective

The Collective and Nextek chose to partner with Colour Tone to develop a new black masterbatch that can be effectively recycled. more


Care needed for targets on recycled content in food packaging

Setting minimum targets for recycled content in food packaging may sound like a good idea, but could lead to overall less efficient use of resources if material types and their applications are not carefully considered, says Axion's Richard McKinlay. more

18 Sep 2018 15:39 Guest Blog

Recent research by an online labelling website found that people are not happy with manufacturers efforts to reducing their packaging. more

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The company also announces new partnership with Ecosurety to help stimulate UK recycling. more

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BPF’s Recycling Chairman: Look deeper than data to avoid further damage

As the opportunities to export plastics waste lessen, and the UK’s ‘true’ recycling figures become increasingly under scrutiny, Roger Baynham says that “misleading and unjustifiable” reporting will only add to the challenges facing the industry. more

5 Sep 2018 14:27 BPF Blog

RECOUP, plastics recycling charity and member-based organisation, says it will be challenging the delegates at their Plastics Recycling Conference. more

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Coral Products are investing in an in-house recycling plant within their UK based factory in Haydock Merseyside. more

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Polystyvert has announced the opening of the world’s first polystyrene (PS) dissolution recycling plant, located in Canada. more

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Axion Polymers hosted a fact-finding visit to its two Manchester recycling facilities for Julie Girling, MEP for South West England and Gibraltar. more

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The On-Pack Recycling Label’s membership has soared past the 250 companies mark. more

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Plastics Waste

The Chancellor will announce new policies to tackle plastics waste in the Budget statement

The call to evidence on plastic waste and litter announced in the Chancellor’s Spring Statement has received 162,000 responses - the largest number in the Treasury’s history - with ideas for taxes on 'single-use' plastics and incineration "promising" more


Global refinery giant collaborates with UK-based recycling pioneer to use plastic waste as a feedstock for sustainable oil production. more

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Freegard says monetary incentives to use better pack designs for recycling are needed for change to happen

Keith Freegard has outlined the need for a fiscal or monetary system as an incentive for designers to use easy-to-recycle packaging. more

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The company is deploying a new technology, Catalytic Hydrothermal Reaction (Cat-HTR), to chemically recycle end-of-life plastics into valuable oils and petrochemical products. more

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The Recycling Partnership and the PepsiCo Foundation launch largest-ever industry challenge to boost residential recycling for 25 million US families. more

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Færch Plast has acquired Dutch recycler, 4PET Group, in a move the company says will allow it to “close the loop on plastic food trays”. more

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The report suggests the UK’s approach to calculating packaging recycling rates is not robust and the government appears to not be addressing underlying recycling issues. more

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The Vinyl Council of Australia aims to expand its PVC Recycling in Hospitals. more

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Glanyrafon Industrial Estate, Recycling point for Ceredigion Council

Ian Capper via Geograph CCL

The Welsh Government has released its recycling figures for the last year, highlighting Wales' recycling success as a devolved UK nation. more

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