In response to the proposal made by the Government to tax certain plastics packaging products, the British Plastics Federation has said it feels this is not "the best course of action." more

20 Nov 2017 10:04 Environment

Renmar Machinery to supply Italian shredders from ISVE. more

16 Nov 2017 11:22 Machinery

Foto Platz 1: 3M Deutschland GmbH, Burgkirchen

Darchinger VCI

3M arm Dyneon has won a national German award for its flouropolymer recycling plant in Bavaria. more

10 Oct 2017 09:49 Industry News

The recent decision by the Chinese authorities to ban scrap plastic has forced European firms 'back to reality, warns Plastic Recyclers Europe. more

25 Sep 2017 15:46 Materials

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RECOUP backs reintegration of waterproofing firm's HDPE. more

21 Sep 2017 14:43 Industry News

BPI Recycled Products, the UK’s largest producer of refuse sacks and the largest polythene recycler in Europe, has achieved ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ certification at three of its manufacturing sites across the UK. more

10 May 2016 14:14 Environment

UK manufactured plastic product recognised with third place at this year’s European Best Recycled Plastic Product awards. more

20 May 2015 11:00 Environment

The key to increasing rates of recycling and recovery of plastics, as well as the creation of jobs in Europe is to better implement existing waste legislation, according to the President of PlasticsEurope Italia. more

1 May 2015 12:24 Environment

The ongoing battle as to whether the Government is right to pass an exemption to the single-use carrier bag levy continues, with the OPA today accusing the BPF and others of “scaremongering." more

26 Jan 2015 14:41 Industry News

Environmental Recycling Technologies plc (ERT) and Axion Polymers (Axion) have announced their first order for formulated recycled polymers tailored to the ERT Powder Impression Moulding (PIM) technology. more

16 Jan 2015 15:47 Environment

Plastics Recyclers Europe has released a set of ‘design-for-recycling’ guidelines for PET trays. more

30 Sep 2014 13:23 Environment

Conflicting opinions in the debate over future UK recycling rates are clouding the issues of what is realistically achievable and how challenging targets could be met, claims a leading resource recovery specialist. more

23 Sep 2014 09:56 Environment

At a reception held in the House of Commons, the leader of the Packaging and Films Association (PAFA) said the plastics industry needed “help from Government” if it is to successfully form long-term goals to achieve the UK’s recycling targets. more

19 May 2014 17:47 Environment



EREMA Recycling Machines and B+B Anlagenbau have recently supplied an expansion line for the production of food-grade HDPE at one of the UK’s pioneering recycling facilities. more

14 Feb 2014 12:28 Environment

Funding from local authorities has enabled UK recycler Luxus to embark on a three year project that will enable R&D­ into recycled compounds for the automotive industry. more

18 Dec 2013 14:16 Industry News

The British Plastics Federation’s Recycling Group (BPFRG) has backed the Marine Conservation Society campaign, ‘Don’t Let go!’ which discourages the use of balloons and sky lanterns. more

21 Aug 2013 12:21 Environment

Barratt Homes has teamed up with recycling and waste management company, Powerday, to help school children celebrate Recycle Week with an initiative that has seen plastic milk bottles exchanged for garden furniture made entirely from recycled plastic more

14 Jun 2013 11:56 Environment

Buxton Mineral Water has announced today (June 5), World Environment Day, that it is expanding its ‘Recycling Cycle’ scheme in Buxton. more

5 Jun 2013 10:41 Environment

Time is running out for the recycling industry to deliver on the Government’s targets, according to a plastic bottle recycling firm. more

30 May 2013 14:48 Environment

A new proposal has been put forward today (May 30) by the British Plastics Federation, with the aim of encouraging and incentivising the use of recycled plastics in UK manufacturing. more

30 May 2013 14:25 Environment