Small retailers say fruit and veg wrapped in plastic tops shopper blacklist. Read more

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New research shows UK manufacturers must partner to prosper. Read more

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Swansea University

Waste carbon dioxide can be catalysed into ethylene to create a polymer base, with an advanced catalyst developed in Swansea. Read more


As 52 leaders of the Commonwealth nations gather for the Heads of Government meeting in London this week, the British Prime Minister Theresa May announced the creation of a fund to tackle marine plastics. Read more


The materials science department at Trinity College Dublin, MABER, has installed a twin-screw extruder from Brabender. Read more

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Zero gravity graphene

Graphene Flagship

In a series of experiments conducted last month (January 2018), Cambridge researchers experienced weightlessness testing graphene’s application in space. Read more

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Researchers report that they have developed polymers that can better mimic nature's colour-changing abilities than existing polymers. Read more