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PCEP advocates innovation with enhanced collection and sorting systems as key for closing the loop. more

9 May 2017 16:25 Industry News

The collaboration between a technology innovator, recycler and retailer to overcome the problem of recycling black plastic trays has been described as a potential breakthrough by one of the project partners. more

20 Apr 2017 10:00 Environment

Labelling technology developed by materials scientists at Brunel University will use phosphor coding labels to advance recyclate sorting efficiency. more

11 Apr 2017 10:55 Industry News

Plastics delegates have attended an event hosted by Procter & Gamble in Brussels to look at ways of using tracer technology in plastic sorting. more

6 Apr 2017 14:18 Industry News

Bunting Magnetics Co. has acquired UK-based magnetic separation equipment supplier, Master Magnets Ltd, for an undisclosed fee. more

5 Jan 2017 14:30 Industry News

Bunting says the Middle East holds “great opportunities” for the company as it looks to increase its export activity to the region. more

9 Dec 2016 11:47 Machinery

Bunting Magnetics says its participation at K 2016 “exceeded all objectives” making it the company’s most successful exhibition to date. more

1 Nov 2016 10:58 Industry News

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd. has recorded its highest ever monthly sales figures for September 2016. more

27 Oct 2016 16:14 Industry News

Bunting Magnetics will be showing visitors the benefits of using separation equipment for the effective removal of metal contaminants from plastic waste streams. more

5 Oct 2016 12:05 K 2016

Kent-based Recapture Plastics has installed a complete Metal Separation Module and Metal Separator from Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd to cleanse recycled plastic of metal contaminants. more

14 Jul 2016 11:26 Machinery

The UK’s first mixed plastics-to-extrusion HDPE and PP recycling plant is providing new market opportunities for the sale of recycled material, as well as new jobs and enhanced relations with local authorities. more

12 Jul 2016 12:10 Environment

TOMRA Sorting Recycling has launched its latest high-precision sorting machine, which it says offers a higher level of precision and reduced material loss in plastics recycling. more

28 Dec 2015 09:00 Machinery

A new, patent pending, range of sortable colourants is set to help “revolutionise” the recovery of a wide variety of plastics, including rigid black plastic packaging, plastic components in end of life vehicles and WEEE waste. more

7 Dec 2015 10:19 Environment

Wolverhampton-based plastics recycler, Recycled UK, has recently installed seven magnetic separators at its processing facility in order to reduce metal contamination in its material streams. more

5 Nov 2015 13:30 Machinery

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd has appointed a new Head of Sales in response to a continued period of growth for the company. more

13 Aug 2015 12:20 Industry News

Axion Consulting says “significant progress” has been made in trialling and developing new flexible packaging designs aimed at improving recyclability. more

13 Jul 2015 15:54 Environment

A team of researchers claim to have developed a new process that will “greatly simplify” and “markedly expedite” the process of sorting plastics in recycling plants. more

1 Dec 2014 16:35 Environment

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