HyTensil multi-use cutlery protected by SteriTouch launches into outdoor market. Read more


Traitech Industries has added SteriTouch antimicrobial protection to its California Trays brand. Read more


Following the recent launch of the Konduct brand of thermal polymers, SteriTouch has installed a laser flash machine at its site in South Wales. Read more


SteriTouch launches two new brands to target emerging performance additive sectors. Read more

Industry News

SteriTouch, based in South Wales, has launched a hygienic keyboard for the healthcare, dental and call centre markets, which it will exhibit at Interplas in September. Read more

Interplas 2017

A toilet system designed to reduce water consumption through a unique flush system as well as increase hygiene has received an extra level of protection through the use of antimicrobial additives. Read more


SteriTouch will be showcasing its unique offering when it exhibits at Interplas for the first time in 2014. Read more

Interplas 2014