Western Tool and Mould, a Hong Kong producer of plane interior parts, has sped up deliveries to airlines with a Stratasys Fortus 900mc printer. more

12 Jul 2017 10:03 Machinery



Stratasys’ multi-cell printing array holds the potential for continuous, infinite production. more

9 May 2017 17:15 Machinery

Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Edgbaston, Birmingham, is pioneering the use of 3D printing with Stratasys, for maxillofacial surgery. more

28 Apr 2017 13:59 Industry News

McLaren’s MCL32 racecar will use custom parts instantly made on Stratasys FDM and PolyJet 3D Printing Solutions. more

7 Apr 2017 14:51 Industry News

A father has created a prosthetic arm for his amputee son using 3D printing technology in a project that has enabled cost savings of up to 76 percent compared to traditional methods. more

1 Mar 2017 13:53 Machinery

Peak Group says its switch from CNC tooling to 3D production printing has cut lead times by 90 per cent. more

14 Feb 2017 09:48 Machinery

Stratasys has signed a four-year deal to produce precision tooling and custom parts for the McLaren Racing F1 team. more

24 Jan 2017 12:07 Industry News

This year’s annual Christmas television advert from supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s, has been brought to life thanks to the use of 3D printing. more

12 Dec 2016 15:35 Industry News

The University of Warwick has built the “most 3D printed vessel on the grid” for the upcoming European International Submarine Race using a Stratasys Fortus 3D Printer. more

13 May 2016 12:26 Industry News

Watch on demand the first of our webinar series from Stratasys, where industry experts discuss the transformational benefits of 3D printing solutions for injection molding, jigs and fixtures, End of Arm Tools and productions parts. more

23 Sep 2015 11:10 Webinars

The Italian division of international consumer goods giant, Unilever, says it has cut lead times for prototype parts by 40 percent since introducing 3D printing technology into its manufacturing process. more

27 Jan 2015 15:19 Machinery

A manufacturer of water and heating systems for mobile applications says it has “slashed” its lead times for the production of injection mould tools for prototype parts by up to 97 percent since introducing 3D printing into its tooling process. more

2 Jun 2014 16:47 Machinery

Stratasys Ltd., a manufacturer of 3D printers and materials for personal use, prototyping, and production, has launched what is says is the "first and only" multi-material colour 3D printer. more

4 Feb 2014 12:34 Machinery


Remote control prototype 3D printed in Ivory Digital ABS2

Stratasys Ltd., a manufacturer of 3D printers and materials for personal use, prototyping, and production, has launched debuted the second generation of its Digital ABS material, named Digital ABS2. more

7 Nov 2013 14:03 Materials

A moulder and mould maker is using technology to 3D print the injection tooling used to make prototypes, which it says is significantly reducing the time and cost of producing sample parts. more

29 Oct 2013 13:39 Machinery