Testing and Inspection

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Wolfram Schmidt

surfaceCONTROL is designed for the inspection of diffuse surfaces such as metallic surfaces, plastic surfaces and ceramics. Read more


The TCM Series consists of two force testers offering fast and effective force testing up to 1500 N at an affordable price Read more


The high quality of the surface inspection also avoids the detection of false positive defects and enables quality decisions to be made based on reliable facts Read more


AmetekSensor, Test and Calibration has launched a new series of force testers it says are an ideal choice for plastic testing when accuracy, repeatability and documentation of results are important. Read more


UK-based force and torque testing equipmeny manufacturer, Mecmesin, has been acquired by Battery Ventures, a global technology investment firm. Read more

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The new combiSENSOR

Precision sensor manufacturer, Micro-Epsilon, has launched a unique new sensor system that combines an eddy current sensor with a capacitive displacement sensor in a single housing. Read more

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Factors to consider when selecting capacitive displacement sensors

Chris Jones of Micro-Epsilon explains that several key factors need to be considered, including target size and shape, guarding method and bandwidth. As well as clean environments, the sensors can also operate in dirty, dusty industrial areas too. Read more

9 Apr 2018 16:02 Guest Blog

Kistler Type 4001A

The new Type 4001A sensor

Kistler Instruments has produced a combined pressure and temperature sensor specifically to support automated resin transfer (RTM) and wet moulding composite manufacturing methods. Read more



The Fraunhofer Institute is the first to combine mechanical testing of a component under realistic loads with a radiographic examination.  Photo: Raapke/Fraunhofer LBF

The Fraunhofer Institute has developed a new method that it says combines the mechanical testing of a component under realistic loads with radiographic examination for the first time. Read more

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Worcestershire-based Malvern Panalytical has entered into a co-marketing agreement with Waters Corporation, a global speciality measurement company, to advance the analysis of polymers. Read more

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Researchers at the Darmstadt, Germany centre for materials technology have gone radio gaga for a new tomography technique. Read more

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A new testing centre from Baker Perkins will be available for processors switching from batch to continuous manufacturing. Read more


Factors to consider when selecting an inline thickness measurement system

When selecting an in-process system for measuring the thickness of film, plate or sheet materials, a number of important factors need to be considered, including the effect of combined real world errors, says Chris Jones of Micro-Epsilon. Read more

1 Dec 2017 14:50 Guest Blog

Manufacturer of extrusion technology, Leistritz, has launched a new elongational rheometer that it says provides solid data to prove even the slightest variations in the compounding process. Read more


JEC Asia has handed an award to R-Tech Materials for advancing safety sensors in hydrogen fuel cells. Read more

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A “revolutionary” new instrument for the determination of moisture content in plastic granules is just one of the innovations that will be displayed by Engelmann & Buckham (E&B) at Interplas 2017. Read more

Interplas 2017



Moulding specialist KraussMaffei fits mould carrier for RTM processes at leading research centre in Munich. Read more


A silicone rubber manufacturer based in Lancashire has finished trials that find silicone rubber has the edge over Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer for heat resistance. Read more


Instron has released the latest version of its Bluehill software in a new, intuitive package it says brings enhanced functionality and improved workflows to its machines. Read more


When the new polymer five-pound notes entered circulation last September, they did so under a rhetoric of numerous benefits. The Bank of England claimed that the new notes would provide a better alternative to their previous paper counterparts. Read more

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