Total, the French petrochemicals giant, has partnered with a joint holding company formed of Borealis and NOVA Chemicals. more

20 Feb 2018 09:58 Industry News

Moulding cycles could speed up by nine per cent on a moulding compound released by US company Teknor Apex. more

30 Jan 2018 11:32 Materials

The mega-manufactuer of soft drinks, Coca Cola, has unveiled plans to collect and recycle a bottle for each it makes. more

22 Jan 2018 15:12 Industry News

Italian recycling specialist Amut has installed a washing line at CarbonLITE's recycling plant in Texas. more

11 Jan 2018 14:37 Machinery

Steve Maguire will enter America's Plastics Hall of Fame at NPE2018, in Orlando, in the US state of Florida. more

5 Jan 2018 15:31 Industry News

A paper published in Science journal last week has shown how flexible elastomers can take a lesson from mussels in stretch and strength. more

7 Nov 2017 14:17 Materials

US extraterrestrial additive manufacturers Made in Space have joined Braskem to use recycled plastic on the International Space Station. more

18 Oct 2017 15:25 Materials

Plastic Recyclers Europe and EPBP have joined US partners to create a Plastics Outreach Alliance. more

10 Oct 2017 10:18 Industry News

Albis has started production at a new US plant for its ALTECH and ALCOM compounds. more

4 Sep 2017 11:48 Industry News

SPE Managing Director Russell Broome has announced his leave from the USA based Society of Plastics Engineers. more

11 Aug 2017 10:00 Industry News

Gravimetric Stand in Use copy.jpg

Riverdale Global

More precise dosing and lower costs for additives are potential outcomes from US resins company Riverdale Global, after releasing a series of liquefied UV stabilisers. more

10 Aug 2017 14:34 Industry News

The manufacturers organisation EEF has run a survey showing that exports from Britain are lagging as the rebound from the 2008 banking crisis drags on. more

11 Jul 2017 16:17 Industry News

Scientists are looking to improve on :) and :( with some emojis that represent their daily life. more

28 Jun 2017 10:04 Industry News

For the third consecutive quarter, North American shipments of plastics machinery have declined in the first quarter, year on year. more

21 Jun 2017 14:26 Materials

Borealis will build a dedicated polypropylene compounding plant for the American car industry supply chain. more

24 May 2017 12:13 Industry News



Stratasys’ multi-cell printing array holds the potential for continuous, infinite production. more

9 May 2017 17:15 Machinery

American plastics body the Society of Plastics Engineers has appointed Patrick Farrey as its new Chief Executive Officer. more

9 May 2017 10:32 Industry News

After releasing its VBD 300 Vacuum Dryer, Maguire highlights how it can be used in a wider range of moulding and extrusion applications. more

27 Apr 2017 17:02 Machinery

Manufacturers’ organisation EEF seals pact with the USA’s National Association for Manufacturers in America’s capital. more

26 Apr 2017 16:35 Industry News

Researchers in Kansas, US, have created a mouldable liquid polymer that turns into highly resistant ceramic. more

3 Apr 2017 14:56 Materials