With legislation prohibiting the re-use of plastics containing BFRs, TOMRA explained how combining the company’s near infrared and x-ray technology enables the removal of up 98 per cent of plastics containing BFRs from mixed plastic waste streams Read more


At Fakuma, EREMA is presenting its RegrindPro plant system designed for processing regrind from thick-walled materials, such as packaging, as well as electronics (WEEE) and the automotive industry. Read more

Fakuma 2015

The former Chief Executive Officer and Founder of recycler, MBA Polymers, have both returned to the business to help it “capitalise on recent developments” for growth. Read more

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UK-based Genesis Process Solutions has recently completed a supply and installation contract for Blue Sky Plastics in Bourne, Lincolnshire, as part of the latter’s recycling and reprocessing facility for plastic recovered from WEEE. Read more

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