Wittmann Group

LGG Charlesworth recieves new injection moulding machine from Wittmann Battenfeld. more

22 Aug 2017 16:20 Machinery

Wittmann Battenfeld UK will present an increased portfolio of injection moulding machinery and ancillary equipment at Interplas 2017. more

14 Jul 2017 11:59 Interplas 2017

The Wittmann Group has launched its third model of the G-Max series of conventional blade granulators, the G-Max 23. more

3 Jul 2017 11:33 Machinery

WIBA Zentrale copy.jpg

Wittmann Battenfeld

Wittmann Battenfeld will expand its injection moulding machine factory in Austria. more

22 May 2017 14:05 Industry News

The Wittmann group adds to its robotic innovation with the Primus 16 robot, the forerunner of a new series tailored to less challenging pick and place applications. more

6 Feb 2017 13:52 Machinery

The General Manager of Wittmann Battenfeld says he is confident that the company’s latest machine addition is an “excellent contribution” to its packaging portfolio. more

19 Oct 2016 17:05 K 2016

Wittmann Battenfeld is making its latest control system the highlight of its exhibit at K 2016. more

12 Sep 2016 13:58 K 2016

The Wittmann Group has marked its 40th anniversary with the launch of new products across its range of equipment and products for the plastics processing industry. more

22 Jun 2016 14:37 Machinery

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