World Plastics Council

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Detlef W. Schmalow

The World Plastics Council, an associate organisation of the American Chemistry Council, has welcomed BASF to its directive team. more

15 Feb 2018 10:52 Industry News

The Chairman of the World Plastics Council has welcomed the UN’s resolution on addressing marine litter. more

7 Dec 2017 10:08 Environment

The World Plastics Council (WPC) says it welcomes the Marine Litter Action Plan released today (Jul 10) by the G20 and commends states for their commitment to substantially reduce marine litter and its impacts by 2025. more

10 Jul 2017 15:14 Environment

The World Plastics Council (WPC) has endorsed the recent plan to reduce marine litter made by the leaders of the G-7. more

15 Jun 2015 14:25 Environment